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so cute!!

remember the calendar as a departure bonus? it’s start from april (and finish on march of next year) and marks important dates!

  • 21/5 MAMI Birthday!!
  • 31/5 TOMOMI Birthday!!
  • 22/6 SCANDAL ARENA LIVE 2014 360°
  • 10/8 HARUNA Birthday!!
  • 21/8 RINA & SCANDAL Birthday!!
  • 22/10 Debut day!!


To commemorate the release of SCANDAL's new single『Departure』, TOWER RECORDS will be having panels displayed in its Shibuya branch on the 3rd floor, filled with ‘secret’ never-before-seen photos of the members. These photos will show the unexpected natural gap in the girls, and are full of wonderful photos that will make your heart pound.

The display period is from 22nd April (Tue) ~ 28th April (Mon), on the 3rd floor of TOWER RECORDS Shibuya.

TOWER RECORDS Shibuya is open from 10AM ~ 11PM daily. For those that’ll be in Tokyo during this period, please do go check it out ^^

Original info from TOWER RECORDS HERE. A feel of when the girls had their ‘STANDARD’ panels the last time…(HERE).

♫ d e p a r t u r e ♪

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-The Prizes-

  • a ps4 console

  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Destiny (preorder)
  • Final Fantasy XV (preorder)
  • Kingdom Hearts III (preorder)

-The Rules-

  • Must be following me (i will check— my url is subject to change keep an eye on the url that shows up above this text)
  • Reblog as much as you want; likes don’t count
  • Giveaway/sideblogs are not allowed (i will check)
  • Ask must be open and you must respond within 24 hrs otherwise i will pick a new winner

The giveaway ends May 31st

Good luck!

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会わないつもりの、元気でね - 05/22/’13


CHAY’s blog; “SCANDAL-san♪”


CHAY’s blog; “SCANDAL-san♪”


SCANDAL will be guesting on 23rd April’s “Rock Kyoudai" show, LIVE on nico nico!

The popular show on nico nico is returning bigger than ever, with SCANDAL as part of its first round of guests. The day the girls will be on the show is also the release date for “Departure”. With the Osaka-Jo Hall and Yokohama Arena shows coming up, we’ll get to hear about the love these four people have towards rock music.

Other artists that will be on the same show as SCANDAL are SPYAIR, Hamazaki Takashi and Kitahara Rina.

The broadcast will begin at 7:30PM, with SCANDAL scheduled to appear from 8PM onwards (all timings in JST). You are welcome to reserve your timeshift HERE.

Official Rock Kyoudai website HERE, screenie from SCANDAL’s old Rock Kyoudai guesting.


SCANDAL; “Later, from 15:15 onwards, these four will go live on 81.3MHz J-WAVE「SATUDAY SONIC」’s carrozzeria J’S CONNECTION!”


SCANDAL; “Later, from 15:15 onwards, these four will go live on 81.3MHz J-WAVE「SATUDAY SONIC」’s carrozzeria J’S CONNECTION!


SCANDAL; “Heart-Thumping” blogpost by RINA☆

The days of recording are still going on. Radio recordings have also begun. 4/22(Tue)11:30~J-WAVE「BEAT PLANET」, with Sascha-san. 5/2(Fri)18:20~NACK5「One More Pint !」, with Brother Tom-san. Up till now, we haven’t spoken before to either one of them, so we drew up some courage. Listeners, please do hear it~!

Also, we spent a lot of time at Fuji Terebi recently. Over these two weeks on 04/26, 05/03, there’ll be a live performance and talk on MUSIC FAIR. Naturally there’s our new song「Departure」, and there’s also a collaboration with everyone in Momoiro Clover Zー! In the SCANDAL version of「Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo!」…I think we did a really cool job! For「Departure」, everyone in the strings section also joined inー!

Following on today was the recording of「Bokura no Ongaku」! On「Bokura no Ongaku」, we performed 3 songs. We did a collaboration with those from the legendary GIRLS’ ROCK. It’s suuuuuper awesome. The talk was also too full of awesomeness. Already, with all the heart-thumping my hand is shaking a little…in any case, since it’s became this amazing, please look forward to it till it goes on air. Ah, I also played the piano here. I played it during recordings, tours and Summer festivals but it’s the first time on TV. Right here, my heart’s pounding again. However, I want to have everyone see it soon. Year, it’s fun isn’t it.

Translated by me ♪♪ Rina on the piano!ヽ(;▽;)ノ


SCANDAL; “Off-Mode” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Recently, to move towards the release of「Departure」on 23rd April, there’ve been music programme recordings and recordings of our comments on radio programmes. In midst of all that, I’m introducing a bit of the OFF mode HARUNA-san today.

The rest day was spent drinking tea with Nakayama Yuka-chan, whom we’ve acted together on Gineiden…we meet frequently even since the end of the theatre stage show! Our personalities are alike and it’s comforting. After that, I’m thinking of collecting salts for a bit. Firstly, there are three. The mil form is cuteい★ Be it on vegetables or boiled stuff, the ones that have salt on them are the most delicious.

Following on, moving towards the Arena performances, the pressurization (?) training has begun! Today, since my belly was empty after the training, I made my beloved Spanish omelette ^^ Since it’s Spring, there’s plenty of new potato! With Spring comes broccoli, new potato and such, and it makes me happy to see my favourite vegetables lined up in the supermarket!! That’s all!!


SCANDAL will guest on the 9th May episode of Fuji TV’s「Bokura no Ongaku (Our Music)」! Also otherwise titled as「Bokura no GIRLS’ ROCK (Our GIRLS’ ROCK)」, SCANDAL’s RINA will also be exchanging the drums for the piano for one of the songs, for the first time on a televised studio performance!

SCANDAL will be collaborating with Kahala Tomomi and Tomita Kyoko on “M”, Terada Keiko on “Genkai LOVERS”, and Nakagawa Shoko, NOKKO and Dobashi Akio on “Friends”.

"Bokura no Ongaku" airs from 11:30PM ~ 11:58PM, Fridays.

Official Bokura no Ongaku website HERE, blog HERE. RINA has also blogged about the recent radio and TV recordings, translated HERE. Screenies by me from SCANDAL’s previous Bokura no Ongaku guesting on ‘One Night Carnival’, with Ayanocozey Show.


SCANDAL’s MAMI & TOMOMI; “Ate Garigari-Kun Neapolitan flavour” - TOMOMI


Later on from 18:00 onwards, on 83.0MHz FM-FUJI「STADIUM ROCK」, these 4 will be going live on ARTIST STADIUM’s corner!


Later on from 18:00 onwards, on 83.0MHz FM-FUJI「STADIUM ROCK」, these 4 will be going live on ARTIST STADIUM’s corner!